For sweet-teeth travelers, in the UK has opened a chocolate boutique hotel

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If among your weaknesses is the love of sweet, then a few days in the British town of Bournemouth could be for you an unforgettable vacation. The point is that here, on the south coast of England, began work the first hotel in the world dedicated to chocolate. His owner – known “Willy Wonka” Gerry Wilton – recently returned from Iceland and Greenland, where make shows for passenger cruise liners. Chocolate Boutique Hotel visitors will be able to visit the workshop of Wilton, to take some cooking lessons of making Belgian truffles and other sweets. You can also write a self-portrait with the help of white, milk and black chocolate and learn about the history of confectionery excellence. And guests are invited to live in the rooms, the design of which was made in the best traditions of the manufacturers of delicacies.

The hotel belongs to the family of the famous choc-maker already opened the case institution in Spain, France, Austria and Switzerland. If you vacation in a hotel cause you not enough «sweet», so visit the Belgian city of Bruges and Antwerp. Here you will find several museums and attractions dedicated to chocolate.


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