United Kingdom – internationally recognized tourist center…

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United Kingdom – internationally recognized tourist center, which is annually visited by huge number of tourists. Went on a vacation in the UK, you will gain a lot of unforgettable impressions.

The best time to travel around the country – from mid-spring to early autumn (due to more favorable weather conditions), the most popular months – July and August. England is rich in cultural and historic monuments. The legendary Stonehenge, Kent cave in Devonshire, majestic castles in Central England and the eastern counties, village houses, certainly deserve the attention of the city of Bath, Lincoln, Chester. Those who are attracted by calm and tranquility, not to remain indifferent to the Lake District area with picturesque lakes and medieval villages.

Of course, it is worth visiting the capital «Misty Albion». London – one of the most famous and beautiful cities in the world, is the capital of Great Britain. While visiting this city, you will gain a lot of unforgettable impressions from such famous attractions as the famous Big Ben, the mysterious Tower, a museum of wax figures, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral. And also you are waiting for the various and numerous museums, restaurants and boutiques. For his journey, you can choose a bus or walking tours in England.

Went to Scotland, you will visit the mountains, covered with heather, mountain lakes and fairy-tale castles. Edinburgh – ancient city, crowned by a huge castle, which was to light Scots James VI. In Edinburgh shops to buy Scottish national dress. A lot of tourists in August, gathered at the International Festival of Theater Arts, or more original – Frindzh Festival. National drink is Scotch, which is produced only in Scotland. Manufacture of whiskey there were more than 500 years. In Scotland, you align business with pleasure, sleeping on beaches and exploring the local culture.

Lovers of colorful landscapes, nature and cultural monuments worth a visit Wales. Here you will find many beautiful places and scenic areas, which can be admired as much as: rocky peaks and mirror-like surface of the lakes, sandy coves and sea inlets, waterfalls and caves, romantic ruins and majestic castles. Many unusual and memorable experience here will be fans of the wonders of nature and mysterious castles.

If you want a more detailed examination of the UK, visit the Cambridge, Liverpool, Oxford and Belfast. These cities will complement your understanding of England and, of course, will help shape the new emotions.


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