Boosting Immune Function with Zinc & Magnesium

The immune system is crucial for the body to protect itself against harmful infections and diseases, but some habits and aspects of our lifestyle choices can decrease immunity and leave the body susceptible to sickness or infection. Common immune busters include:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Reduced activity levels
  • Poor diet
  • High levels of stress

Poor nutrition is detrimental to the body in a number of ways. High amounts of sugar or carbohydrates decrease the immune system cells that fight back against infections and viruses. In many cases, the average person in the United States is deficient in the proper vitamins and minerals needed to run at optimal levels. In addition to a reduced immune system, a deficiency in a mineral such as magnesium leads to even more issues including insomnia, low blood pressure and muscle weakness. These deficiencies in turn decrease the effectiveness of the immune system further.

Zinc and magnesium are two essential minerals to include in daily foods – or as an additional supplement to the diet. A lack of zinc in the body makes it more difficult for even the most basic immune cells to function as they are supposed to – increase zinc levels through supplements or by including a range of brightly colored fruits and vegetables into the diet such as berries, spinach, sweet potatoes and apples. A range between 15 to 25 milligrams of zinc is recommended daily.

Magnesium helps maintain healthy energy levels as well as regulate organ function – a lack of this mineral puts more strain and stress on the immune system, causing an inflammatory response and increased risk of infections. Good sources of magnesium include leafy green vegetables, nuts, legumes, tofu and whole grains – 270 to 400 milligrams are recommended daily depending on age and gender.

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